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Sherlock Company research provides excellent, unbiased analyses of vital issues of strategic and operational health plan management.

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PULSE This subscription includes weekly electronic issues of PULSE, which provides a continuing dashboard of norms for health plan performance against publicly traded firms, enabling managers to identify areas of variance.


Plan Management Navigator Navigator provides analytics for health plan administration as well as commentary and observations on the management of health plan expenses.

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Sherlock Benchmarks These reports are the definitive benchmarks for health plan administration. They are critical tools to enhance operational performance and support strategic initiatives ranging from management of the product portfolio, vendor negotiations, outsourcing and business combinations.

Recent studies include universes of Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans, Larger Health Plans, Provider-Sponsored health plans, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid-oriented health plans. Approximately 40 health plans participated in our 2014 study and collectively represent nearly 660 health plan years of data and analysis.

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Annual Health Plan Pricing Survey With response rates generally about 25% to 35%, commercial health plans, we were able to estimate medical cost trend. We also look at the effect of buy-downs and estimate the average expected increase in employee costs for healthcare. Eight pages. Updated annually since 1999.

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Economies of Scale This study tests data from the Sherlock Expense Evaluation Report (SEER) to determine whether economies of scale exist in the administration of health plans, what functional areas exhibit scalability, and how administrative economies of scale apply to business combinations. We preform this analysis on both Per Member Per Month Administrative Expenses and on health plan staffing ratios. Twelve pages.

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