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Description of Financial Metrics

Photograph by A. Aubrey Bodine
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Volume I consists of Financial Metrics. It includes analyses of administrative expenses through financial ratios such as percent of revenues and per member per month. Data is segmented into up to twelve product lines, and over 60 functions. Depending on the universe, this is 300-400 pages in length.

Format of Reports

Each peer group differs in their product offerings. Managed care and indemnity products, ASO  and insured products, products for seniors and those under age 65, and products for private and public sponsors are provided. In all cases, participant information is provided to assure the user of comparability of scale and product mix. Generally, the universes have summary schedules of clusters of administrative expenses, longitudinal analyses

Products of Each Peer Group

There are numerous additional exhibits that vary by peer group. They include the costs of specialty and other self-contained services, stop loss metrics, information systems costs allocated by the functions they support  and costs charged by affiliated organizations. In certain editions, an additional section addresses individual products, small groups and national accounts.

Sample Table of Contents

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