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Navigator provides analytics for health plan administration. It comments and observes on the management of health plan expenses under the direct control of the management team.
Much of the content is derived from our surveys of numerous health plans participating in the Sherlock Benchmarks.

Topics addressed include the cost of administration in each functional area, drivers of administrative costs such as product mix and operational metrics, economics of scale and other important topics.

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    • November 2017: Apparent Economies of Scale: Short Term Membership Changes and Health Plan Administrative Costs






    • Early August 2017: Sherlock Benchmark Administrative Cost Values of Larger Health Plans - 2016 Metrics



    • Late June 2017: Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans: Optimizing Costs in an Uncertain Environment



    • May 2017: How Do Medicare Advantage Plans Benefit From Expenses For Medical Management?




    • March 2017: Resolving the Paradox of Scale Among Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans