Sherlock Company Assists Managed Care Organizations

Strategic actions of health plans can have a virtuous cycle. Such actions, like product diversification, vertical integration and global payments, often entail investments. If these investments should yield an ROI, competitive position is improved, enabling future investments.

Sherlock Company can help you kick-start this cycle. We can help your health plan optimize costs or provide valuation advice. From internal to external sources, we can help you in that virtuous cycle. The racing workboats featured here are a symbol of such performance improvement.

Sherlock Benchmarks

Gold standard metrics of health plan cost, staffing, operations.

Plan Management Navigator

Free publication with analyses of health plan performance metrics.


Cost Mapping

We can telescope the application of the Benchmarks by harmonizing your expenses with Sherlock classifications.

P • U • L • S • E

Capital costs, valuation and performance of publicly traded health plans

Valuation Services

Sometimes business combinations or external capital can be the most efficient path to superior performance.


The banner photo is by Ray K. Saunders. All others are by A. Aubrey Bodine - Copyright © Jennifer B. Bodine.

Racing workboats is a metaphor for performance improvement.

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