Corporate Financial Services

Corporate Financial Services offered by Sherlock Company build on our unique perspective on health plan operational performance and familiarity with the capital markets for health plan companies. Our services assist in business combinations, conversions to for-profit status and formal valuations. Since 1987, Sherlock Company has completed over 140 assignments, generally involving capital transactions of health plans. Sherlock Company's reputation for impartiality and technical competence assures that its clients receive superior, reliable financial advice.

Focus on the Health Plan Industry

Our clients have included health plans, medical groups, owners, regulators and related firms. All our resources are concentrated on the analysis of, and service to, this industry. Consequently, Sherlock Company delivers rapid and accurate practical analyses, solutions and efficient execution of its clients' strategies.

Unparalleled Experience

Formed in 1987, Sherlock Company has completed over 140 financial advisory assignments. We have assisted our clients in private placements, mergers and acquisitions, preliminary and formal appraisals and conversions. We believe that the Sherlock Company team has provided more strategic-level services to health plans than that of any other firm. This experience enables us to efficiently execute our clients' needs.


Our conclusions regarding health plan strategic initiatives relies on close reasoning and careful application of objectly verifiable facts. We support our advisory services with a long-standing commitment to independent research. Research helps to inform our analyses and its credibility is demonstrated by its reliance by managers, board members, investors, investment banks and consultants in their decision-making.

Among our research services is the periodical, PULSE. It is financially oriented and endeavors to explain the strategic implications of the financial results of industry participants. Another core research product is the Sherlock Benchmarks, which we believe to be the definitive studies on health plan administrative expenses. Finally, Plan Management Navigator provides analytics for health plan administration. It is intended to provide commentary and observations on the management of health plan administrative expenses under the direct control of the management team.

Independence from Conflicts of Interest

We maintain high ethical standards. Sherlock Company does not offer any products or services that could cause conflicts with regard to service to its clients, or create the appearance of bias.


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Sherlock Company's Value-Added in Corporate Finance and Valuation

Sherlock Company’s performance benchmarks, combined with decades of health plan financial advisory experience, yield superior analysis for corporate finance decisions. Our background is especially pertinent to health care firms that consider their strategies from a long-term perspective. Uniquely we believe, Sherlock Company provides the same disciplined approach in corporate finance assignments normally employed in a make or buy decision.

Central to any corporate finance decision is whether that decision maximizes the long-term value to its owners. While this often refers to the maximization of shareholder value, maximization can also be for the benefit of a business’ non-profit purposes.

Value can be estimated, according to John Maynard Keynes in his General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money as the product of speculation, "forecasting the psychology of the market" or by "forecasting the prospective yield of assets over their whole life." The former is achievable only through luck and the latter is, through the Efficient Market Hypothesis, impossible without superior information.

Sherlock Company, through its Sherlock Benchmarks, are not only superior, they are unique. Thus the application of our analyses can answer the following:

  • To what degree are feasible strategies available to improve performance and, if so, how would such implementation improve value?
  • Is an enterprise more valuable if it is sold, or is it more valuable if its operations can be improved in feasible ways?
  • To what degree does scale create leverage in value? For instance, can growth, enhance margins and hence price per member valuation?
  • What control premium should be expected for a health plan by its suitors?
  • What will the effect of the sale of a health plan product line be on a health plan as a whole?

Thus, Sherlock Company can provide more than just valuation assistance. We can provide a global understanding of the financial and operational implications of each of your corporate finance strategies on the enterprise as a whole.

Broad Capabilities

Our Capabilities include mergers and acquisition services, investment advice, and valuations. We are experienced in formal valuations, evaluations of divestitures of health plans, evaluation of private investments in health plans and recapitalizations.